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OZsome Accents #100QG Fusible Quick Grid General Instructions Step 1: Arrange fabric squares according to Assembly Guide on Happy Hollow Designs® pattern. There will be a small gap of grid showing between the rows. Grid contains 1" squares which will accommodate any size fabric squares. For example, when placing 1 7/8" square, treat fabric as a 2" square and center between 2 grid squares. The gaps created between fabric rows will be enclosed in 1/4" seam allowance later. Step 2: Fuse fabric squares in position with iron on cotton setting. If a particular fabric combination needs to be changed simply warm fabrics with iron and remove. Reposition fabric squares and fuse with iron. Cut fabric squares diagonally to accommodate odd edges as illustrated at right. Trim excess grid from around edges. Step 3: Right sides together begin vertical seams by folding grid at gaps between fabric rows. With 1/4" seam allowance stitch every other seam. Stitching every other seam allows more room between seams for ease of pressing. Press all seam allowances in one direction. Complete remaining vertical seams and press all allowances in same direction. Iron right side thoroughly. Step 4: Clip seam allowances between fabric rows completely to stitching line for ease of horizontal seams. Right sides together fold grid between fabric rows. Stitch with 1/4" seam allowance alternating seam allowances to reduce bulk at intersections. For example, if underneath allowance is facing toward you, flip top allowance away from you. This is easily accomplished using an OZsome Accents® Cool Tool #CT7. It’s like having an extra hand at the sewing machine. It’s also great at the ironing board...no more burned fingers! Step 5: After all horizontal seams have been completed press front and backside thoroughly. Backside should appear as pictured at right. Grid is so lightweight it simply remains in project unlike other paper products that require tedious removal. OZsome Accents® Fusible Quick Grid is great for large quilts too... make in sections and join. Note: Cutting Dimensions listed are "shy" cuts. For example, if cut dimension is 1 7/8" treat the square as if it were a full 2". Cutting dimensions are 1/8" "shy" for ease of folding grid when stitching. Fusible side of grid is rougher and contains small dots of adhesive.Click above to purchase Fusible Quick Grid!