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TLC Cleaning Systems® is an advanced professional cleaning technology developed especially for textiles that need extra care. This system provides premium highdetail aqueous cleaning specializing in quilts, vintage fabrics, tablecloths, wedding dresses, linens, and other heirlooms of yesterday, today and tomorrow. For successful and effective textile cleaning the soil-textile interaction forces must be broken in order to loosen, transport and remove the heterogeneous soils away from the fibers. Our exclusive formula does just that...with Textile Loving Care®.

Textile Loving Care
While we cannot change the properties of textiles, we can improve their
appearance and give them a second life.

Textiles should be stored as clean as possible because dust particles can actually cut fibers through friction and abrasion. Colorfast and washable items should be washed and stored unironed, unstarched and unblued. For maximum preservation, antique textiles, especially cottons and linens, should have no direct contact with wood, blue tissue, regular tissue, or other wrapping paper. Acid is especially damaging to textiles. Also, because some plastics give off fumes as they decompose with age, they should not come in direct contact with textiles.
Smithsonian Institution Division of Textiles

Precious textiles, quilts and other handwork are soiled during normal use, storage and handling. Reality requires that they must be cleaned to promote their integrity without substantially altering their aesthetic properties. The choices are to leave the visible and hidden damage to slowly but surely destroy a treasured item or let our expert professionals and specially developed formula treat your treasures with TLC®.

Fiction: "You only need to remove surface dust with a vacuum if your quilt looks fine."
Fact: Over time, dust & soil actually cut fibers as they expand and contract with changes in humidity and temperature. Vacuuming only removes loose surface dust particles. In addition, over time invisible stains oxidize and become colored stains.. Properly cleaning quilts prolongs their beauty and life as well as value. TLC® not only cleans cellulose fibers but also preserves the condition & extends a textile's life.

Fiction: "Simply treat spots individually with lemon juice and gentle detergent".
Fact: Spot treating leaves rings around spots and only a portion of the textile has been manipulated leaving unevenness. In addition, scattered spots called foxing are impossible to effectively spot treat. TLC® removes soils and acid in an effective fiber-friendly manner.

Fiction: "Storing textiles in boxes, wooden chests or plastic bags is best for preservation".
Fact: First, plastic bags contain damaging petroleum products, don't allow fibers to breathe, their static electricity actually attracts dust and they promote mold and mildew. In addition, boxes contain harmful acid and dyes. Finally, wooden chests, drawers, shelves and paper are all acidic. TLC® neutralizes acid and can reverse or greatly diminish most storage damage. We can also recommend proper acid free storage and wrapping items and proper storing procedures.

Fiction: "Do not clean any textile unless you absolutely have to. The less you clean them the longer they will last".
Fact: A textile's natural cellulose fibers easily absorb dust and numerous types of soil. Also, insects are attracted to the protein fibers in fabric leaving small spots long after any evidence of an insect is gone. TLC Cleaning Systems® can address numerous problems leaving your textile clean, soft and more flexible.

Fiction: "Dry cleaning is the safest method for cleaning quilts and other special textiles".
Fact: Dry cleaning is anything but dry...it uses harsh solid, gas and liquid solvents and chemicals along with harsh agitation, friction and high heat to clean items. TLC® uses an exclusive flushing system which is stress and agitation free. This is especially beneficial to eliminate lumping of batting in quilts. Items are then gently air dried without harmful heat. In addition, quilts are blocked to remove distortions and unevenness and improve aesthetic properties in a gentle process developed especially for cellulose fibers.

Fiction: "A good ‘airing out' to remove soil and odor is the only cleaning textiles require".
Fact: Temporarily diminishing any "odor" in a quilt, garment, etc. does nothing to address all the other issues vital to a properly cleaned item. TLC® uses no perfumes or optical brighteners. In addition to all the other benefits of TLC® Cleaning Systems...it removes the odors too. Seeing (and smelling) is believing!

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